Canada celebrates Victoria Day

It’s our first summer long weekend of the year, or “May Long” as we locals refer to Victoria Day. Business are getting geared up and one can see the activity in our city today. It is a great feeling knowing summer is around the corner. While it is a very late spring, we are hopeful the lake will be ice-free in a day or two – fingers crossed! North end looks good and you can see some updates from the website

I can only recall just one other year in our 30+ years on Lake of the Woods when ice was not out for May long weekend. We had two houseboats on Scotties beach and ice came back in overnight. Jeff had to take our work boat and use it as an “ice breaker” .  I guess that’s the “adventure” in Houseboat Adventures!

Welcome back visitors to our wonderful Lake of the Woods.

We can’t wait for this.

Amazing Lake of the Woods NW Ontario