FAQ’s Newsletter 2020 06 16

Why couldn’t you just offer the option to reschedule from the beginning? It would have made it easier for my group.

I completely agree with you. I wish we could have. However, the situation was and still is changing very quickly and we weren’t in a position to give every guest that option at that time.

What if I reschedule to another 2020 date and I cannot make it as my Province or State closes the border again?

The decision for reschedule is final as we have again removed your houseboat from the rental market. We are guided by the Province of Ontario guidelines. If Ontario guidelines prohibit HBA from offering your rental, then you can use Option 3.

What if I cancel and you do not rent my houseboat at full rate?

We encourage you and your Crew to share our social media posts to increase exposure for you and for HBA. If you have a friend, another family, or a relative, maybe they would like your rental spot. When a booking is confirmed, we have declined any other for that spot and some bookings are made months or over a year in advance. While your crew may be a group of friends, or say 4 couples for a weekend trip, we could have declined a family’s request who wanted your houseboat for a weekly rental. I recall a group of 4 that wanted the 68′ for a week this year, but because the weekend was booked, it was declined as that was the only week suitable. That is why we obtain your deposit commitment, because you are committing to that spot and we are committing to having that houseboat available just for you.

You can still vacation with us if you choose to prior to 7 days of your start date assuming Ontario guidelines permit. Then, you can still exercise Option #3 and use your deposit portion for a credit for 2021, as explained. We have tried to make these fair choices for both you and HBA.

If I choose Option #3 move to 2021, why are charging me more money?

We are offering a 2021 credit for those guests who do not feel they can come on their 2020 trip. Let me give you an example what the actual figures are our 49′ weekend rental.

49′ weekend trip including tax is $3075. The deposit on this rental is $1600 which breaks down to $1415 after $185 tax. To move to 2021, you would receive 60% of the deposit as credit. In this case you would receive 60% of $1415 = $849 credit towards a 2021 rental on same size houseboat.

If we moved everyone’s rentals to 2021 without charging any extra cost, we would be absorbing all preparation costs associated with this rental season (we explained some of this in our May Newsletter) By crediting part of the deposit to 2021 we are sharing the losses and able to offer a 2021 reschedule option.

If I move to 2021 can I have 2020 rates guaranteed?

No, sorry if we increase rates, 2021 rates will apply. We are responsible to pay 2021 taxes, 2021 docking fees, insurance, interest, staff costs etc.

Why do I have to confirm that I want to re-schedule for 2021 by June 25th, but if I cancel, I can still take my reservation up until 7 days prior to my rental date?

We need to know which houseboats are being offered for rental. If you do not make a choice, we assume you are arriving for your trip. If you feel you cannot, given current circumstances, take your 2020 rental, we need to offer it to someone else.

I do not think these choices are fair – is there anything else HBA can do for me?

Careful thought has gone into these options and this is what we are able to offer for the 2020 season. We still have payroll and every other expense we normally have, and more, given the large Covid-19 related expenses. We want to be able to give our hard-working staff hours, or we would not have staff when our actual houseboat rentals begin.

We have disregarded our Cancellation policy of 120 days and provided several options for guests.

If you cancel and if we rent your houseboat at full rate, we will return your deposit.

Further option to move to 2021 with a credit towards a 2021 rental of same size houseboat, with a 40% share cost of the deposit

You can still enjoy your rental with a minimum of a 7-day commitment if your situation permits, or then you can choose a move to 2021, as indicated.