FAQ Houseboat Adventures Inc. on Lake of the Woods Kenora Ontario

Frequently Asked Questions - Houseboat Adventures Inc. How early do I need to book a houseboat, do I drive the houseboat myself, is there a special boating licence, am I able to fish from the houseboat, do you provide free parking - we try to answer all your questions about booking a houseboat vacation with us.

Do you provide a driver?

Typically, No: You are in command of your journey. We share comprehensive instructions in our Guest Manual prior to your arrival, then we review operations during the Captain and navigator lesson and, we explain the houseboat operations.

Sometimes, Yes: Depending on the date/time/specifics of your reservation, we may be able to provide a driver for an hourly charge of $95 plus tax. For instance, a trip to the popular "party beach" may cost approximately $380 plus tax. This covers taking you there, returning in the morning for your departure, and bringing you back to the dock.

How early should I reserve a houseboat?

A significant number of our reservations are secured eight months or even further ahead. Some guests choose to reserve for the next season upon concluding their current houseboat vacation. While certain models may have higher demand, flexibility with dates can be advantageous. Occasionally, we can accommodate last-minute requests as well. Feel free to reach out for unique requests or check for availability on our website.

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I have never driven a houseboat - can I still rent one?

Many of our guests have never driven a houseboat. Our guests receive a comprehensive package of information prior to their rental. We include a guest manual / guide and a navigational map. The guide has all the information required for you to plan your “Houseboat Adventure” including navigational and houseboat instructional information, fishing tips, checklist, customs information for our US guests and much more. Upon arrival we review houseboat operation and provide a Captain’s lesson and navigation instruction. We will accompany you on your houseboat for a few miles to ensure you feel at ease at the helm.

Do I need a special license to drive the houseboat?

Compliance with Transport Canada regulations mandates that all operators of motorized pleasure craft (including houseboats) possess a “Proof of Operator Competency.” As a houseboat company, we are authorized to issue you a "Proof of Competency," serving as your boating license while operating our boats. We consistently provide comprehensive information and training to ensure our guests feel confident in driving
and navigating, ensuring a safe and enjoyable vacation experience.

How do I communicate with the base if I have a question during my rental?

There is cell phone coverage over most of the Lake. We also have VHF radio for emergencies.

Can I fish from the houseboat?

It is a wonderful experience to have your coffee in hand and cast off the houseboat deck early morning when all is quiet. However, the majority of our fishermen opt for a dedicated boat for their fishing activities.

The Lake

Where do I dock at night?

You'll navigate the houseboat to shore and secure it by tying up. With our expansive lake, there are numerous beaches for you to explore. Our custom map, conveniently available on the houseboat, pinpoints around 80 beaches for our guests. Detailed instructions on how to properly secure the houseboat can be found in our guest manual.

Do you have parking?

Yes we offer complimentary parking for all your vehicles and trailers at our shop location.