After Booking

Finalizing your booking

You can reserve your houseboat by making an online payment for the deposit. Additionally, we request that you complete, sign, and return the Charter Policies within 48 hours of receiving your order confirmation to fully secure your rental.

Prepare your packing list

In March, we will send you a detailed Guest Package to aid in your trip planning. Also, make sure to check the "What We Supply" page for specific information on the amenities included with your rental.

Remaining Balance + Deposit

The remaining balance for your reservation, along with the $750 consumables deposit, is required two months before the start of your rental. We will email you an invoice along with a payment link one month before the due date.

Getting to Kenora

Houseboat Adventures is situated in downtown Kenora, Ontario. Kenora is a 2.5-hour drive from the nearest airport in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We are also conveniently located a 2-hour drive east of Winnipeg, MB and just a 2.5-hour drive from the CAN/US border at International Falls, MN.

Getting to Houseboat Adventures

Houseboat Adventures is conveniently located at the end of Main St S, full address here. Arrive at this location to unload your gear on the carts provided.

Pre-departure Items

Boarding for your houseboat is available between 1-3 pm. HOWEVER, sometimes boarding is available earlier in the day. Guests can request a preferred time of arrival and we will attempt to accommodate requests based on the schedule that day.

We provide free parking at our facility 10 minutes away, which we will escort you to.

We will finalize the security card pre-authorization and start a captains/navigation lesson which includes going over the safety features of your boat, and showing how to navigate the lake.

Your departure

Our goal is to have customers board between 1-3 pm on the arrival day, often earlier, as mentioned above so that your crew can start enjoying our beautiful lake as soon as possible. Please bear with us, as the precise timeline depends on your crew's readiness and the number of guests arriving and departing that day.

To ensure your comfort at the helm, we'll provide a captain to accompany you for the first few miles before sending you on your way.

During your vacation

We are available via text message or phone if you have any concerns or questions. In the event of an emergency, we also have a VHF radio on board.

Returning the houseboat

On your return date, guests are required to pilot the houseboat back to our dock location by 8:30 AM.

Upon returning to land, we will provide transportation for you to retrieve your vehicles.
After you are unloaded, we will refuel the boat and conduct a damage check.

Any fuel (and any other) costs will be deducted from your consumables deposit before the deposit is refunded.