What We Supply

BEDDING –  We supply a mattress cover and bottom fitted sheet for the beds. Bring a sleeping bag or blanket, pillow, towel and beach towel.

BATHROOM – sink, toilet and shower. There are two bathrooms (one with a shower) on the 58’ and 68’ models.

BARBEQUE – All houseboats are equipped with a propane barbeque.

COMMUNICATION – There is very good cell phone coverage over most of our Lake for your own personal cell phones, which is your primary communication with dock and office. Houseboats are equipped with VHF radio for ship-to-shore communication but this is not a primary means of communication as we do not monitor VHF at all times.

DECK CHAIRS  – and deck tables are supplied.

FISHING BOAT – We require all houseboats to have an additional motorized boat in case of emergency. You may rent a boat and motor from us or tow your own personal boat & motor. Note if bringing your own boat and motor, the minimum horse power is 25HP except 15HP for the 44' houseboat.

GENERATOR – Each houseboat is equipped with a 3000W / 120V generator.

HEATING – All houseboats are equipped with a thermostat controlled forced-air furnace for the cooler days of early spring and fall rentals.

ICE COOLER – All houseboats have a VERY LARGE ice cooler on board, which is great for beverages and extra food. It has a capacity of approximately 6 full laundry baskets of ice, which keeps for several days, even in the heat of the summer. We sell baskets of ice right at our dock and we will load the cooler for you.

KITCHEN  – is equipped with cookware, pans, dishes, cutlery, kitchen towels & cloths. Most essentials are provided. All houseboats have a microwave and fridge, stove and oven. There is a full-sized gas stove/oven on the 49’, 58’ and 68’ models.

44’ refrigerator is 8 cu ft size and approximately 20” w x 16” h x 16” d

49’ 58’ and 68’ one large refrigerator with standard-size freezer

LIFE JACKETS – We do supply life jackets, however you may wish to bring your own life jackets due to Covid-19. Also, they must fit properly. We do not supply children’s life jackets.

MEASUREMENTS – Storage areas under beds – height 44′ double bed 18″ + closet 16″ 49′ Double bunk openings x 2 = 14″ H x 20″ wide 58′Single bunk + bedroom with 3 beds 11″ + double bunks 9.5″

NAVIGATION MAPS – Paper navigation maps are included.

PARKING – Free parking at our shop location is provided for all of our guests and their vehicles, trailers, etc.

POWER SUPPLY – Inverters are provided on all our houseboats. Inverters convert DC to AC power to provide electrical power for your own portable sound system/CD/docking station or other small appliances. 49’, 58’ & 68’ a high capacity 120V inverter/charger is on board; 44’ a portable 120V inverter is on board

WATER  – Fresh water for cooking and drinking is supplied and is from our City of Kenora purified water system. Approximately 35 gallons is provided, which is plenty for your vacation.

YOU SUPPLY – food, beverages, personal & fishing gear and a crew of people ready to have a fun-filled vacation!

Any questions? We have been there – done that. Let us know if you have any questions and we will be happy to assist you with your houseboat vacation plans.