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    I have read and I accept Houseboat Adventures Inc. Charter Policies.



    Rates include tax (13% HST) and insurance unless otherwise stated.


    For reservation deposits and 2nd deposit (due for weekly rentals) we accept Interac e-Transfer (requires a Canadian Bank account), bank draft, personal or cheque cashier’s cheque. Personal cheque must be received a minimum of 60 days in advance of houseboat rental start date. The reservation deposit(s) will be applied to the balance due.


    Reservations will be confirmed upon receipt of deposit and or any payments due plus receipt of acceptance of Charter Policies and Rental Agreement. If reservation is made within 30 days of houseboat rental start date, full payment including balance due is required.


    Balance due is payable 30 days prior to houseboat rental start date. Balance due is accepted in the form of a bank draft, cashier’s cheque, Interac e-Transfer (one transaction per rental and does require a Canadian Bank account). If balance due is not received at least 30 days in advance of rental start date the reservation may be cancelled by Houseboat Adventures Inc. and any reservation deposit(s) paid will be forfeited.


    Prior to boarding the houseboat, we require a Security Deposit in the amount of $1500. We accept a Visa or MasterCard to process the Security Deposit / pre-authorization in the amount of $1500.00 to cover and or be applied to any possible damages; which is in addition to the $500.00 damage deposit. We will process the credit card pre-authorization (with authorized signature) as a pre-authorization. The pre-authorization will be released upon the return of the houseboat and all contents and optional rental items in the original condition at the start of the houseboat rental and in an acceptable state of cleanliness. A cleaning charge will apply to excessively unclean houseboats or items.


    A damage deposit of $500 is added to rental invoice and is due and payable when balance due is payable. Damage deposit is retained until the end of the rental and will be refunded to the Charterer less any fuel and propane used, and, of course assuming no damages have occurred.


    In the event of a cancellation for any reason, 50% of any deposit paid is non-refundable. To be clear, if reasons of cancellation are due to ANY REASON including but not limited to provisions, terms or restrictions due to or as a result of Covid-19, or other virus or sickness, 50% of any deposit paid is non-refundable. The remaining 50% would be refunded provided Houseboat Adventures Inc. is notified in writing 120 days or more prior to houseboat rental start date. If cancellation is within the 120-day period prior to rental start date, Houseboat Adventures Inc. will retain the full deposit paid. Exception: Houseboat Adventures Inc. will refund 50% of deposit paid if cancelled during the 120-day period provided we are successful in renting Charterer's scheduled houseboat rental at full rate. Upgrade of existing rental does not apply unless upgraded houseboat rental period, which would be left vacant as a result of upgrade is also rented at full rate.

    Once booked and confirmed, the houseboat the Charterer has reserved is removed from the rental market and any other booking requests will be declined. We are unable to monitor each Province or State guidelines regarding Covid-19 or any other factor, sickness or pandemic. We are guided by the Province of Ontario guidelines, rules and regulations.


    The Charterer and crew are responsible for the loss of any equipment and the full cost of any damage not covered by this policy. Any damages resulting from willful damage, negligence or illegal acts are not covered

    The Insurance policy included in the rental fee carries a $500.00 deductible per incident on the 44’ and 49’ and $1000.00 on the 58’ and 68’ houseboats and covers below water damage to the hull, propeller and lower unit of both the houseboat and fishing boats(s) caused by accidental collision with a submerged object such as a rock or reef. It does not cover above water damage to the houseboat and fishing boat(s) including, but not limited to: hull, cabin, handrails etc. or damage to equipment such as, but not limited to; the anchor, chairs, generator or the loss of any equipment that is included in the rental package, no matter how the damage occurs. The Charterer and crew are responsible for the loss of any equipment and the full cost of any damage not covered by this policy.

    PROPELLER DAMAGE – We will show you the propeller(s) prior to leaving our dock. Should any damage occur including nicks or dings the Charterer and crew are responsible for up to the deductible of $500.00 per incident on the 44’ and 49’ houseboats and $1000.00 on the 58’ and 68’ houseboats to repair any damage. This is discretionary to Houseboat Adventures Inc., as, even though there may seem to be minor propeller damage, we are unable to fully access the entire lower unit, which could suffer hidden damage and is not visibly noticeable. Minor propeller damage may be charged $150.00 - $250.00 depending on the extent of the damage. The charge for such damage is at the discretion of Houseboat Adventures Inc.


    Fuel and propane is the expense of the Charterer and must be paid at the end of the houseboat rental. All rentals include one 16' Lund Fishing Boat (motor cost not included).

    For safety reasons, we require that the fishing boat has a motor - 25HP minimum on 49', 58' and 68' and 15HP minimum on 44'. The Charterer may bring his own or rent one from us. Charterer may also tow their own personal boat and motor, if they prefer. The reason for the extra boat is that in the event of an emergency the Charterer can act immediately. Having an extra boat along also makes exploring, fishing and touring
    more enjoyable.

    A $500.00 damage deposit will be added to the houseboat rental. It is retained until the end of the trip and will be refunded to the Charterer less any fuel and propane used, and, of course assuming no damages have occurred.

    Cleaning - All houseboats are supplied clean and must be returned clean. An extra charge will be applied for houseboats returned unclean. Cleaning charges: 44' $200.00; 49' $300.00; 58' $375.00; 68' $500.00.

    Recycling and garbage if not separated $20 charge per garbage bag.

    Smoking of any substance is not allowed inside houseboat or near open doors. Double cleaning charges apply for offenders.
    Pets are not recommended on our houseboats. There will be a $75.00 surcharge per pet.


    Houseboat must be tied up at our dock by 8:30 AM on return day, which is when the houseboat rental ends. Charterer and crew returning houseboat late to our dock will be charged $100.00 per hour. Any houseboat return past noon is subject to loss of Security Deposit and or Damage Deposit.


    Due to the way sound travels on a lake, and out of respect to other users of the lake, no high-power speakers or amplified systems will be allowed on the houseboats. Systems such as portable sound docks are acceptable. Our dock is to be considered a quiet zone and no loud partying will be allowed.
    Mosquito coils and candles cannot be used on our houseboats.
    Full contact list of Charterer and Crew members 18 years of age and older is required.

    Houseboat Adventures Inc.
    1 800-2KENORA or 1 800 253-6672

    Once we receive a reservation request / enquiry we will reply by email (or phone, if preferred). If the requested spot is not available we may suggest an alternative. Indicate in comments section any other options you are open to, and number of crew.

    Confirming your Reservation

    When the Charterer wishes to proceed tp confirm the booking we send our “Charter Policies and Rental Agreement” for signature. Once we receive the completed and signed agreement and the deposit we are able to confirm a reservation.

    If for some reason you do not receive a reply to your reservation request within 1 business day please check your junk mail as we include several links to our website pages  so sometimes this occurs.

    Many reservations are made more than 6 months in advance, but a last minute reservation can sometimes be accommodated.

    Call now for a vacation to suit friends, families, avid sportsman and all at the same time.