Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to Houseboat Adventures new website. We have had 4 previous sites and this one was long past due for a makeover. While we began working on a new site 3 years ago, we did not complete it, and of course, hindsight is 20-20. When I logged in early Jan and found I could no longer make any changes – no rates changes, no updates of any kind – “hello web support, please help” – and no help was forthcoming, simply no choice in the matter but to proceed. Do you really want to know “What’s new” from Aug 2013? Not very likely.

Websites have certainly changed in the last 8 years. The process begins – research, SEO, find a designer and get ideas, test ideas, more ideas, colours, the list goes on. Don’t get me started about colour as some of my friends, family and Aaron (local Kenora web designer) will attest. They all had opinions, they gave opinions (sorry I just could not go with neon orange) and so the site is a collaboration.

We hope you find it easier and quicker to navigate and find what you are looking for. If you are just browsing, you may like some of the photos in “Gallery”. We will be rotating them, so check back with us. Floor plans have been updated and overall we have a cleaner look. And, bonus – it all works!

Thanks for visiting.